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Van Kempen Associates is a team of communication experts with different backgrounds and fields of expertise.

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Marien van den Bos

Marien has been Senior Consultant with Van Kempen since 2000. He is specialised in financial communications, investor relations, corporate governance and media. Between 1975 and 1998, he was a reporter on national and international politics, industry, energy, ICT, monetary policy and finance from a number of international hot spots. He advises (listed) companies and organisations in the field of external communications. He has participated in several communications projects in a number of areas, including the banking sector.



Klaas de Jong

Klaas began his career in 1968 as an economist working on international trade development for the UN and the Food and Agricultural Organization FAO in Eastern Africa and Latin America and ended his career as corporate director with Royal Numico N.V. at Schiphol in 2006. In the intermediate period (1980-1992) he served as a diplomat at various Netherlands embassies in the Middle East and Italy and later became director for international trade relations with the Dutch government in The Hague. Currently he holds governing positions in banking and the food industry and acts as a boardroom advisor to international companies on issue management, often related to social and environmental matters, and on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).



Hein Haenen

Hein has extensive experience as an investigative reporter, financial analyst and editor for Het Financieele Dagblad (FD), the Dutch business newspaper. Over the years he reported on numerous major financial transactions, insolvencies, fraud-cases and court cases in the Dutch business community. He has a broad understanding of the legal issues and the reputation risks involved and an instinctive feel for the reflexes of the media. Hein wrote books about corporate governance (‘De regels en het spel’) and creative accounting (‘Winstwaarschuwing’) and has lectured on financial journalism and media relations at the Free University of Amsterdam and the Academy for Journalism in Utrecht. Since 2009 he works as an independent communications consultant. Hein Haenen has a law degree from Amsterdam University and completed the financial- and investment analyst training of the Dutch Association of Investment Professionals.



Margaret van Kempen

Margaret is an experienced communications professional with a background in government, semi-government, trade and industry. Before founding Van Kempen Public Relations & Public Affairs in 1995 she was director of European Affairs at Financial Times Television (FTTV) and managed the European office of FTTV based in The Netherlands. Before joining FFTV she was public relations manager for the Netherlands Foreign Trade Agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, where she managed large scale international projects, including the Dutch presentation “Amsterdam Olympics 1992” during the Olympic Games in Los Angeles of 1984, and seminars on Physical Distribution in Japan and the United States. She also held a senior public relations position at the World Trade Centre in Rotterdam. Margaret has an extensive media and business network and has particular skills in strategic communication and reputation management. She combines an extensive professional experience across a broad range of industries with high level communication skills. She works with managements of private and public companies and advises them on communications with regard to corporate communications, issues, crisis and litigation pr, public affairs, investor relations and M&A.



Veronique van Zanten

Veronique joined Van Kempen Public Relations & Public Affairs in 1999 and has been an associate since 2006. As a senior consultant she advises and coaches boards and managements of companies and non profit organisations in setting up and improving communication and media policies. She is specialized in setting up communication strategies with regard to large mergers and acquisitions, company and product launches, strategic partnerships and crisis situations. Before joining Van Kempen, she worked as a Public Affairs Consultant for KLM Cargo and she was part of the lobby team of Signaal (now Thales) where she maintained contacts with ministries and advised management on in- and external international communications issues. Prior to joining Hollandse Signaalapparaten, she worked in various areas of communications. Veronique carries a Masters degree in Languages and Economics of Latin America (University of Leiden).